Success Stories

I have lost a total of 105 lbs!

Dee l. | San Jose, California

Where do I begin when I speak about Diane Hughes…amazing, spectacular, and inspiring and the best coach I’ve ever had. She’s the reason why I’m so enjoying my journey! When I met Diane Hughes I was in a really bad place, I was over 250 pounds overweight, depressed and I needed someone! Then all of a sudden Diane showed up and she was just talking to me and somehow we got on the path of talking about her journey to weight loss. I opened up like a floodgate. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt like I was her! She asked me to join her group and that I wouldn’t be alone cause everyone was on the same journey! I have to say ever since then I have been on the most amazing ride. I have lost a total of 105 lbs. As I’m typing this tears are coming down my face because words cannot always express the feelings when someone gives you back your life! Thank You Diane Hughes you are my inspiration, my rock and one of the most amazing women I have ever met!!

In 6 months, I lost 80 lbs!

Guiv N. | San Francisco, California

I struggled most of my adult life with my weight, the day I joined Diane’s challenge group that helps and supports you with the tough journey of weight loss and weight management was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! In 6 months I lost 80lbs; she basically saved my life! Much love and respect to her!

I feel sexy, young, and ready to take on the day!

Heather W. | San Francisco, California

I used to be a professional athlete and in amazing shape. Unfortunately, I was injured and retired from the sport. Somewhere along the line I let everything go. All the training and healthy eating habits disappeared. Working with Diane and Keith, I've learned how to eat again and to love working out. I followed their recommendations to the “T” and added in other supplements for workout recoveries. In 3 weeks I lost 15 lbs and some weeks following that I came in close to 20 lbs down. I saw muscle again and not fat. I dropped from a full size 10 to an 8 for the first time in years. I think there is a size 6 about to emerge. Diane and Keith's continued support has encouraged me to get back to being an athlete and my body continues to reshape and reform to the one I once knew. I feel sexy, young and ready to take on the day everyday.

By the fall, I had lost 50 pounds. My life was changing in monumental ways.

Heidi D. | Arvada, Colo rado

Before my journey began, I was in denial about my health and my happiness. Back in 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I convinced myself it was ok and it wouldn't change my life and I didn't need to change, I would simply live with MS. My wake up came as I found my work life beginning to crumble and a family reunion opened my eyes to how I looked which ironically matched how I felt which was sad. At that point I reached out to Diane, a long time friend who was on her own journey. She had long before reached out to me but I wasn't yet ready. I finally decided I was ready in April 2014 and it was the best decision I have made. With the first few challenges, I consistently lost 10 pounds. By the fall I had lost 50 pounds. My life was changing in monumental ways. At my next MS appointment I was able to reduce my medications in half (from 6 pills a day to 3). Medicine I was taking for symptoms were no longer needed because of my new healthier lifestyle. I remember my first days of working out when I needed chairs for balance, now I do without! A year later March 2015, I started running which I stopped doing in 2000. And now I'm running 20 miles a week training for my first half marathon in Oct 2015. I couldn't have done any of this without Diane Hughes and Beachbody. Diane was my mentor, coach, support, and conscience. She knew how to push me using encouragement, advice and even tough love. Beachbody provided me the necessary tools to eat healthier and find a love for exercise.

I love the human I see in the mirror!

Ronnie K. | Reno, Nevada

I have been overweight since my early teen years and had tried many “diets” that never lasted long. I went through phases of pushing my body physically to overcompensate for a horrible diet. Over the last year I had gained a significant amount of weight, constantly felt tired, and hated looking at myself in the mirror. When I reached out to Diane, she helped me realize there was a path back to where I wanted to be. She promised it wasn’t a quick or easy fix, but a journey that would carry on for a lifetime.

Interacting with the FIT family kept me engaged, accountable, and motivated. I have always been one to push for instant results, and there were times that I struggled with progress that I thought wasn’t sufficient. Diane and Keith helped re-ground me and realize these were just opportunities to learn about my body and how to move forward! I also took advantage to Keith’s AMAZING recipes. In 6 months, I lost 30lbs, gained 10% muscle mass, and love the human I see in the mirror!

Today, I still continue my journey and use Diane and Keith’s advice daily to continue my path towards my best self. I can’t thank these two amazing humans enough for all that they have done for me and my journey.

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