Hi, I’m Keith.

My name is Keith Hughes, born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, California. I am a Professional Chef and Health Coach. I started my career at the California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu and have worked with some of the most progressive restaurants and kitchens teams in San Francisco, CA.

As a Chef, my career was very demanding. I worked very odd hours, late nights and weekends leaving little time to focus on myself or my health.

I became inspired by my wife's weight loss journey. Her strength and courage inspired me to want to be a better version of myself.

I was first introduced to Beachbody by my wife Diane, witnessing her transformation and watching how our relationship and everything around us began to improve as she achieved her weight loss goals made me a firm believer in the program. I set off on my own journey to improve my health and lose the excess weight I had gained by simply working long hours in a kitchen and being around food all day, it was great to have a program that I could do in the comforts of my own home and on my own schedule.

Through my journey, I lost a total of 20 pounds, defined my muscles, increased my energy, improved my overall health; and both Diane and I have learned to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle together.

Today, Diane and I have completely transformed our lives. We have both continued our education with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, re-invented ourselves and created a business together to help, support, educate and inspire others to improve their health and transform their lives as we have done for ourselves.

My Transformation

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